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Berlin 2021

YOUR Lawyers for Media law.

Our vision is to run a law firm based on solidarity, equality and moral responsibility. A disruption to the status quo. We are proud to exclusively represent the interests of people who want to live in an open and equal society, with a focus on WOMEN and LGBTQIA* people.

Bewusst. Bunt. Anders.


More than just
a law firm

We attach great importance to individual and personal support and are transparent in every respect.

Press and publicity rights

  • Enforcement of injunctive relief and claims for damages
  • Defence against warnings under press and publicity law
  • Obtaining counterstatements
  • Advice on press and publicity law

Social Media

  • Deletion of posts and ratings on the internet
  • Deletion of posts, fake accounts and photos on social media
  • Communication with social media platforms

film law

  • Screenplay, directing and acting contracts
  • Contract drafting, review, adaptation and negotiation
  • Drafting of model contracts
  • Transfer of rights and legal protection
  • Enforcement of claims and subsequent remuneration
  • Advice on film and television law

Copyright and PUBLISHING LAW

  • Enforcement and defence of copyright claims
  • Defence against copyright warnings
  • Drafting and reviewing licence agreements
  • Advice on copyright infringements
  • Advice on image licences and photo law
  • Advice for authors and musicians

Competition and trademark law

  • Enforcement of trade mark rights, industrial property right
  • Defence against claims under trade mark or competition law
  • Trademark registration and advice


  • Drafting of data protection declarations
  • Review of DSGVO conformity
  • Advice in the event of data leaks
  • Development of guidelines
  • Creation of data protection concepts for companies

Foundation – StartUp

  • Startup: Advice and development of new business models
  • Drafting of articles of association, employment contracts and general terms and conditions of business
  • Advice on online trade
  • Advice on association law
Our team

Would you like to become part of our team and join us in redefining what it means to be a lawyer? Or would you like to cooperate and network with us in another way, because you share our vision and the same values are important to you? Then contact us at any time – we look forward to hearing from you!


Logo Hate Aid
Counselling centre against hate on the net. Experts in the field of violence on the internet.
Logo Sturma Verteidigung
Counselling and defence in criminal cases, representation of accessory prosecution as well as victim and witness assistance.
Birnbaum & Frame
Artist management and public relations for acting, directing and screenwriting in film and theatre.
Labour and data protection law, housing, construction, animals as well as family law, child custody cases and victim protection.
ZTA Management
PR & commercial management and holistic talent management for artists.
Advice and representation in juvenile criminal cases, narcotics criminal law and law of enforcement.
Advice and representation in employment law for employees, committees and lawyers at the start of their careers.


The first contact is of course free of charge. Afterwards, we will discuss with you the possible costs in a transparent and individual manner.

Mühsamstraße 34
10249 Berlin